The Morrow Family

I’ve always said that mom's with all boys are just the coolest, and Jenny is no exception. It’s always a fun-filled challenge to capture a three year old and a one year old, at the botanical gardens, on a 93 degree day, while trying to convince them that taking photos is MUCH more fun than running around. It has truly been an joy to watch these sweet baby boys, Everett and Sawyer, turn in to personality-brimming kids over the last couple years. I love the ease with which Jenny and Dan, approached our day, not worrying about getting the “perfect” photo, but rather just enjoying being together as a family on a Sunday afternoon. Beyond this tall, beautiful, model couple lies two great parents who balance work, their marriage, and family so very well. Thank you Morrow family for a shoot to remember and for living life in an all-around joyful and beautiful way.