Betsy and Jim + a baby boy!

I love the way that spring time reminds you of all things new. For the Kerstens that means bringing a baby boy home to their wildly beautiful loft space. You never know what to expect when walking in to a home crafted by a pair of architects, but these two have together built a wonderfully warm and creative space. Here is a little look at the love that baby boy Kersten has coming his way.

Scott + Becky: Engaged

I love when I get to take photos of family. Scott and Becky are the final couple in both the Jackson and Burey families to tie the knot. It's impossible to summarize my excitement for these two in one blog post. Weddings are by nature the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, and this next chapter is one that requires some serious celebration! Blessings and love to you two!

Sonya + Joe - Engaged

Based on my observations I would venture to say that these two both have IQ's that would knock anyone's socks off. Even better, wrapped up in all of this brilliance is an endearing couple that I feel really privileged to know. It is not often that you meet a bride that approaches wedding planning with the ease and flexibility that Sonya does. I learned this very quickly after having multiple weather delays while trying to schedule their engagement session. With Sonya's residency schedule and Joe's night shift hours, we finally opted for a beautiful day in April and everything went off without a hitch. Even Cedric the cat managed to make an appearance for a few minutes. Sonya and Joe, cheers to this next phase of life and lifelong covenant! Thank you for allowing me to tell a little bit of your story.