Skylar Aislinn

This is Skylar Aislinn, and she will steal your heart. Her sweet disposition is obviously a result of her wonderful parents, who let me in to their home to document a small part of this new chapter of life. They are naturals and I loved capturing them in their every day as new parents. Well done, Mann Family!

Welcome Wilder

It is always such a delight when people let me in to their homes to tell their stories. From the art on the walls to the beds that they sleep in, Tammy and Justin have truly hand-crafted a home for Hazel and now baby Wilder. What a name to live up to, and I have no doubt that he will. This beautiful family gleams originality, tenderness, and a subtle joy that was heart warming to capture on a cold December day. 

The day Lou was born.

Life as a mom often times seems to be like playing a game of  "catch up". So, in this game I need to share the story of darling baby Lou who was born the day before our Rhett. I am a firm believer that things happen exactly when they are supposed to... Lou decided to show up a little early and his timing was perfect. I love the way that birth stories are so symbolic of life, in that the moments of pain and the moments of joy are not as far apart as we often think. Tasha was a champion mama in the delivery and it is clear that Steve took great pride in his amazing wife and their darling Lou. What a sweet gift this world has in little Louis Oliver.