I believe that good images can be made anywhere at any time. I love to capture people in their beloved spaces, real and unfiltered. Whether it be on your favorite street downtown, having a picnic in your backyard, or snuggling up by the fire as a family, I love to hear your vision. From the day a baby is brought in to this world or the day we have to say goodbye to a loved one, all is life and should be well-documented. I’ve learned through the lens to see life for all its beauty, humor, pain, brokenness and redemption. No matter the person, we are all human, comprised of stories that are my sincere hope to tell. To me, black can be a color, rain can become part of the plan, and the setting sun on a summer day can remind anyone that its warmth can’t come from any earthly being. 

– E. Blair Jackson


From Their Perspective

From start to finish, our experience with Blair as a photographer has been amazing. She has captured our engagement pictures, our wedding day, and the newborn pictures of our twin girls. She was patient, creative, professional, and most importantly captured moments that our family will cherish for a lifetime. She has a wonderfully creative eye and so beautifully captured the emotion during all of the joyous times in our lives. We will definitely be having Blair photograph many more family milestones.
— Jenn & Dave McNiel
Blair has done an amazing job capturing my family from births into toddlerhood. You can look through her albums and see the brilliance in her work. She has a gift at taking even the wildest of toddlers and capturing their personality. Blair is talented, professional and her calm spirit makes every photo session any moms dream come true.
— Kristen Giffen
I smile every time I see the pictures that Blair has taken for our family over the years. She has a way of capturing my kids expressions in a way that I used to worry I would only get small glimpses of because they change so quickly. It is clear that Blair loves people and she makes it easy to forget that you are being photographed.
— The Crete family
There is much to be acclaimed about the incredible job Blair performed when shooting our engagement photos. There is something to be said about a photographer that is clearly having just as much fun taking the pictures, as we were having them taken of us. Her excitement was contagious and her unique ability to capture the natural “Us” is what really made these pictures great in the end. Never once were we forced to hold that pose for long, or be uncomfortably “staged”. Instead, Blair was the one that could be found climbing in trees and running laps around us to capture the perfect angle and shot. We cannot thank her enough for providing us with photos that captured candid moments to last a lifetime! (We even nailed some great pics with our dogs!) We truly couldn’t have asked for anything more, and we highly recommend her skill sets for your next desired photo session!
— Tony & Holly Green